Frazier Oil Properties LLC.

Frazier Oil Properties LLC. is an oil and gas land consulting firm that manages a staff of highly professional independent landmen.

Our services range from field land work to functioning as a company’s land department.

Our clients vary in makeup and size from multinational renewable energy companies and national real estate developers to oil families and one man offices to major oil companies, as well as several of the major Texas law firms, banks, private equity and investment banking firms.


Frazier Oil Properties, LLC was founded in 1978 in an effort to address the needs of the oil and gas exploration industry, as it dealt with the resurgence of domestic E&P on the heels of the OPEC oil embargo and general instability in the Middle East.

Hard work and results served us well during the busts of the mid ‘80’s and early ‘90’s, when those not in it as a career were weeded out, leaving only those whose stock-in-trade were a strong work ethic, know-how and integrity.

We have built a reputation on which we can be proud. But, a good reputation can only be traded on when it remains intact.

We have strived to make that happen over the years and are not willing to make ethical compromises in order to get a deal done.

Make no mistake, we will go to the mat for our clients, but we recognize that our clients’ reputations are only as good as the people out there representing them.

We view ourselves as an asset to our clients, not only because we get the job done in the most efficient and effective manner, but also because we put a good face forward to the landowners and companies to whom we represent our clients.


Represent real estate developers who encounter the ever-increasing situation where the surface they own or have interest in acquiring has all or some of the mineral estate severed from the surface.  Developers are finding it almost impossible to obtain financing on their purchases, or very difficult to sell those properties, with surface control being compromised by the fact that the severed mineral estate is dominant over the surface estate. Our services include (i) title research to identify all of the record mineral owners (or their heirs), (ii) negotiating waivers of the mineral owners’ surface rights, and (iii) negotiating designated drill sites that are satisfactory to both mineral and surface owners’ land plans.  However, as is often the case, mineral owners may have been lost due to the passage of time or were unwilling to negotiate waivers or drill sites. To that end we have testified on dozens of occasions before the Texas Railroad Commission on behalf of developer clients seeking Rule 76 relief with regard to designating future drill sites that work within their land plans for development of their surface.

Represent renewable energy developers (wind and solar) as they deal with the reality that the minerals have more times than not been severed from the developer’s surface, which can create a surface control crisis.  Not unlike the real estate developers, this can cause difficulties in their ability to enjoy their surface rights, in that the owners of the mineral estate have the rights to get to their minerals without interference from the holders of the surface estate.  We aid our clients in (i) identifying and locating the current mineral owners and (ii) negotiating outright surface waivers or partial waivers with designated drillsites, along with road and pipeline access to those sites.  This allows the renewable energy developer to move forward with confidence that any future oil and gas development can take place alongside of, and not at the expense of, the development of the surface.

Lease checks, mineral take-offs, abstracting, lease preparation and negotiations, title curative.

Negotiate farm outs, participation agreements and joint operating agreements, prepare and mail division orders, prepare and maintain lease files.

Research title, prepare and negotiate ROWs, prepare and maintain ROW files, negotiate damages.

Producing Properties and Pipelines. Represent buyers, sellers, lenders and law firms in researching the ownership interests of the seller/borrower of producing oil and gas properties and leasehold interests, as well as pipeline assets, from small gathering systems to major trunk lines.

Represent midstream clients in acquiring the rights to construct gas storage facilities in salt dome caverns and depleted reservoirs, along with acquiring the necessary pipeline easements for connecting to the available markets.

Represent families, individuals and estates with extensive mineral and/or royalty holdings. We organize the files the client may have inherited or can no longer maintain, conduct courthouse research where necessary to create an accurate inventory of their interests, and negotiate leases with oil companies. Having spent a vast majority of our careers representing the oil companies, we have a good understanding of what an oil company is willing to accept when it comes to the terms and provisions of an oil and gas lease.

Have been certified as experts on numerous occasions by and testified in front of the Texas Railroad Commission for clients seeking relief under the various rules promulgated by the Commission.

Served as expert witnesses in numerous legal proceedings involving various aspects of the land side of the oil business.



frazier greg (3)

Gregory R. Frazier, CPL

Greg is a native Houstonian. After graduating in 1976 from the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA in Finance, Greg started his career in the banking business. In 1978 he became a contract landman before forming his own land consulting firm in 1979 under the name Gregory R. Frazier, Inc. In 1984 he partnered with his brother David to form Frazier Oil Properties. Greg has been a member of American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) since 1979 and holds the designation of Certified Professional Landman (CPL). Greg is married and has three married children. He has served on the board of several local civic and Christian organizations and serves as an elder at Bethel Church of Houston.

David J Frazier

David J. Frazier

David, also raised in Houston, graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science degree in May, 1979. He started his career in the oilfield services industry as operations/sales associate for a large oilfield equipment rental company in Houston. In 1981 David began his career as a petroleum landman working for Gregory R. Frazier, Inc. In 1984 Greg and David partnered together and formed Frazier Oil Properties. David has worked in-house on a contract basis for several client exploration companies. David has been a member of AAPL since 1982. David is married and has four grown sons.


Although our office is located in Houston, we maintain close working relationships with other land organizations in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Laredo, Beaumont, Midland, Lubbock, Fort Worth, Dallas, Lafayette, Oklahoma City and Hattiesburg, MS.